VIP Girls' Dormitory

Comfortable and Secure: Enjoy Exclusive Accommodation at Vip Girls' Dormitory

Experience a comfortable stay at Kütahya's Vip Girls' Dormitory, equipped with private single rooms, modern amenities, and security measures. Discover the details and step into your dream student life!

Vip Girls' Dormitory provides a tailored and secure accommodation experience for students. With meticulously designed facilities, we ensure students live in a comfortable and peaceful environment.

Why Choose Vip Girls' Dormitory?

Choosing to stay at Vip Girls' Dormitory offers a privileged student experience. Our modern single rooms, personalized study areas, large TVs, and other amenities provide students with the comfort of home. Additionally, we prioritize student safety with continuous security cameras, digital fingerprint door controls, and 24/7 security personnel.

Highlighted Features:

  • Single Rooms: Comfortable and modern rooms designed for each student.
  • Large TV and DVD Enjoyment: Wide-screen TVs and DVD players in our lounge areas.
  • Buffet Breakfast and Dinner: Variety of options for breakfast and dinner, ensuring convenience in dining.
  • Security and Technology: Secure environment with digital fingerprint door controls, security cameras, and 24/7 security personnel.

Join us at Vip Girls' Dormitory to make your student life special and create unforgettable memories!

Accommodation and Personal Space

Single Rooms

Single Rooms

A lodging option that preserves your private living space and offers you exclusive comfort."

Shower Cabin Bathroom WC

Shower Cabin Bathroom WC

Each student has their own shower cabin bathroom and toilet, providing comfort and practical use.


Vip Room Gallery

Each Student Gets a Double Wardrobe

A spacious wardrobe to keep your personal belongings organized.

TV and Phone in All Rooms

Each room is equipped with a TV and phone for easy communication and entertainment.

Shower Cabin Bathroom WC

Each student has their own shower cabin bathroom and toilet, providing comfort and practical use.

Each Student Gets a Study Desk

A dedicated study desk for each student, thoughtfully designed for your study needs.

Social and Common Areas


A comfortable and cozy environment where you can spend time with friends.

Study Room

A special study room providing a quiet and productive environment for your studies.

Large Screen TV and DVD Entertainment

Enjoyable times with a large screen TV and DVD facilities.

Meal Services and Nutrition

A accommodation option that preserves your private living space and provides you with personalized comfort.

Buffet Breakfast (35 Varieties)

Buffet Breakfast (35 Varieties)

The pleasure of starting the day energetically with rich options.

Dinner (10 Varieties)

Dinner (10 Varieties)

A dining service that satisfies students with delicious and healthy dinner options.

Security and Technology

24/7 Security Camera

Camera systems that ensure your security under constant surveillance.

24 Hour Wireless

Wireless network that provides access to the Internet at all times.

Computerized Elevator

Fast and safe elevator service using technology.

Digital Fingerprint Door Control

Modern fingerprint technology for secure entry and exit.

24/7 Security Guard (WOMEN)

24/7 Security Guard (WOMEN)

A safe environment with female security guards always ready.

Comfort and Services

Heating and 24-Hour Hot Water in Every Unit

Continuous hot water for a comfortable living experience.

Satellite TV in Every Unit

Enjoyable moments with satellite TV in each room.

Internet Access in Every Room

Wi-Fi connection for easy internet access for every student.

Smoke and Gas Detectors

Safety-focused smoke and gas detectors.

24/7 Camera and Recorded Security System

Safe living environment with continuously monitored security systems.

24-Hour Hot Water

Constant hot water for your comfort.

Thermally Insulated Exterior

A warm and comfortable living environment with thermally insulated exteriors.

Daily Hygienic Cleaning

Daily cleaning services ensure a clean and hygienic living space.

Welcome to a Special Accommodation Experience!

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