Double Rooms

Konak Girls' Dormitory, which serves in the concept of Girls' Dormitory, has been prepared for two people. A safe and hygienic environment is provided to our students with a 24-hour female administrator, a cleaning staff and a female night security guard.

  • Double Rooms
  • All Rooms Television and Telephone
  • Bathroom with shower WC
  • Study Desk for Every Student
  • Double Lockers for Each Student
  • Nightstand for Every Student
  • Lounge
  • Study Hall
  • Giant Screen TV Enjoyment and DVD
  • Open Buffet Breakfast (35 Types)
  • Dinner (10 Types)
  • 24/7 Security Camera
  • 24 Hours Wireless
  • Computerized Elevator
  • Digital Fingerprint Door Control (Entry / Exit)
  • 24/7 Security Guard (FEMALE)
  • Combi Boiler and 24 Hour Hot Water in Each Flat
  • Satellite Broadcast Lcd Tv in Every Flat
  • Internet Connection in Every Room
  • Smoke And Gas Sensor
  • 24/7 Camera and Recorded Security System
  • 24 Hour Hot Water
  • Heat Insulated Facade
  • Daily Hygienic cleaning
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